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Student Ambassadors

Economics Ambassadors Help Connect Students to the Department

Two UNT Economics students, Parker Barouch and Mollie Ramsey, have been named Student Ambassadors for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). CAS Ambassadors are the undergraduate student representatives from each department in the College of Arts and Science at the University of North Texas. The Ambassadors work with the college and the departments to give an undergraduate student's perspective on various subjects including but not limited to, work load, courses, student activities and organizations, and campus life. They help out with various activities such as Preview Day and Calling Nights. Additionally, the College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors strive to promote good will through service opportunities and social events.

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Economics Ambassador Bios

Name: Anna Katz

Degree: BS Economics, minor in Mathematics

Memberships (past and present): UNT Economics Student Organization, Honors College, Academic Assistant for the Economics Department, Omicron Delta Epsilon


  • President's List for Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017. I currently have a 4.0 GPA overall.
  • Vice President and Treasurer of Economics Student Organization
  • Session Chair for Economic Scholars Program Conference 2018 at the Fed at Dallas
  • Department of Economics Scholarhsip

Interesting fact: I brew Kombucha at home. Kombucha is fizzy fermented tea with various types of fruit or fruit juice. I also enjoy watching food documentaries like "Rotten."

Why did I (you) major in Economics? : I like economics because it takes the rational and irrational decision making of everyday life and explains it in mathematical terms and graphs. My favorite concentration of economics is education and urban development.

Name: Samuel Eckert

Degree: BS Economics, BS Mathematics, Actuarial Certificate

Memberships (past and present): UNT Economics Student Organization


  • Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching Assistant
  • Dean's List for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017
  • Eagle Scout for Boy Scouts of America

Interesting fact: I enjoy learning about the math and science within cooking and baking.

Why did I (you) major in Economics?:

I have always been naturally good at math, and economics is a way to explain real-life problems and decisions with math. Economics also has helped me develop key problem-solving skills, and that is a useful life tool. My favorite concentration of economics is health economics.

Fall 2017 Economics Ambassador Bios

Name: Paul McCormick

egree: BA Economics, minor in Public Administration

Memberships (past and present): UNT Honors College, We Mean Green Fund Committee


  • UNT Excellence Scholarship for entering freshmen, UNT Economics Undergraduate Scholarship for Academic Excellence, College of Arts and Sciences Willis Endowed Scholarship, Jostens Global Citizen Sustainability Scholarship, and President's List for roughly half of my semesters at UNT.
  • Interned with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and the US Environmental Protection Agency, and currently working as an Academic Assistant in the Economics Help Center

Interesting fact: I studied abroad in Thailand during Fall 2016, taking courses in International Trade, Industrial Organization, Thai Society and Culture, and Poverty and Rural Development in Southeast Asia.

Why did I (you) major in economics?: I chose Economics because I wanted a more technical foundation than I felt I would get from other social sciences, however I have had a chance to add a second major in Social Science, allowing me to build upon that foundation with extra coursework in Geography, Sociology, and others. I hope to pursue a master's in either Public Administration in order to work in public policy, or in the social sciences in order to teach.

Name: Gabriel Puche

Degree: B.A. in Economics, B.A. in English, Spanish Minor

Memberships: Economics Club, Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society), Alternative Service Breaks (ASB), Buddy System Mentoring Program.

Accomplishments: Alternative Service Breaks Site Leader, President's List, Dean's List, Recipient of the UNT Excellence Scholarship, UNT Dean's List Scholarship, Department of Economics Scholarship, Leslie H. Palmer Memorial Honors Scholarship, and Mary Whitten Memorial Scholarship,

Interesting fact: I love cruises and I cannot wait until my next one in January 2018!

Why did I (you) major in economics?

It is the one subject that combines every other subject into its curriculum. For instance, Mathematics is relied upon when solving equations of various topics including tax and elasticity and when drawing tangency lines. Also, having a strong grasp of writing enables you to articulately analyze an economic graph. Lastly, history becomes indispensable in the subject when studying the actions and impact of several economists such as Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and David Ricardo. Studying Economics ultimately allows every student to rely on their strengths to thrive in the classroom.

Fall 2015 Economics Ambassador Bios

Name: Parker Barouch

Degree: BS Economics

Membership: Officer of the econ club 2014-2015

Accomplishments: Economic scholarship for academic excellence, President's list, Dean's list

Interesting fact: I can play the saxophone

Why did I major in Economics?

Economics to me is the study of why this world works the way it does and what we can do to change it. When someone tells me something the first thing I think is why and in economics that's what we figure out, why. I chose Economics because I enjoy the study of it and it is everywhere we from loans from a bank to the classroom.

Name: Mollie Ramsey

Degree: BS in Economics

Memberships: Economics Club, Student Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences

Accomplishments: President's List, Dean's List

Interesting Fact: I am in a rock band called The Unsinkable Molly Browns.

Why did I major in Economics?

As a person with a wide variety of interests, I originally came to UNT with an undeclared major. I took a Microeconomics course, and it really grabbed my attention. The theories and real life applications of economics appealed to me because I could see and learn the real result of important occurrences in the world. From today's stock market to sports to government entities, economics degrees get you into exciting emerging markets. That is something I want to be a part of.

You can email us at to answer any questions from a student's perspective about the Economics Department! If you want to email a question to a specific ambassador, just include his or her name in the email.

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