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Finding an Internship

Many employers are looking for students to complete internships. Check out some of the currently available positions here, and filter the list by your college. A complete list of current internship opportunities is available in Handshake. After you log in to Handshake, you can filter for internships. In addition, your Internship Specialist can give you some ideas to help you find an internship or other experiential learning opportunity.

To get started, meet with your Internship Specialist, review the resources career center webpage, check out the Internship FAQs, and watch the Internships: Student Testimonial Videos.

Internship Specialist for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: Jeremy Ray

For Economics degrees, an internship is not a requirement but you may be able to get credit for it. Check with your Academic Advisor and Internship Specialist to determine your situation.

Internship Coordinator and faculty advisor: Dr. Guillermo Covarrubias

To enroll in ECON 4920, a student must have successfully taken 12 semester hours credit in economics, meet employer's requirements and have consent of the department chair. (Pass/No Pass only.) If you have questions about the internship requirements, contact Dr. Guillermo Covarrubias.