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UNT Economics Alumni Advisory Council

Our Mission

The mission of Econ AAC is to strengthen the engagement of UNT's Department of Economics, by focusing its energies, services and programs on fostering a community of alumni, friends, staff and students who are well-informed through Econ AAC; who respect the priorities and issues inherent in their ongoing association with the Department of Economics and the broader UNT network; and who seek to support the department through the commitment of resources, leadership, expertise, volunteer involvement and the celebration of the people and place that is the University of North Texas.


UNT Alumni Association Board of Directors

Advisor: David Molina, Chair of Economics Department

Executive Committee

From Left to Right: Ashley Hanisko (Treasurer), Richard Johnson (Chair), Vicki Oppenheim (Marketing and Communications Chair)

Chair: Richard Johnson ('2016)
BS Economics
Associate Economist, Glassdoor

Oversee all Econ AAC operations, ensuring that the organization's direction and programs are directly aligned with UNT's Alumni Association, Econ AAC members, and alumni members. The Chair will also serve as a liaison to the Department of Economics, working with the Econ AAC Adviser and Economics Committee members to address any concerns, inquiries and help further the organization's core mission.

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Marketing and Communications Chair: Vicki Oppenheim ('2022)
MS Economics

Manage alumni member engagement and distribute promotional material about upcoming events and ensure up-to-date Econ AAC website.

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Community and Alumni Engagement Chair: Zachary Mullins ('2019)
BA Economics and BBA FinanceCommunity

Identify revolving needs of the UNT economics alumni community including, but not limited to,

  • Assisting in the development of programs related to workforce development, continuing education, and networking
  • Tracking progress on current and past programs
  • Establishing and maintaining ongoing relationships with alumni members

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Treasurer: Ashley Hanisko ('2006, '2009)
BS Economics, MS Economics

Assist organization with cash management, fundraising and quarterly financial projections.

Duties include:

  • Handling payments
  • Calculating budget for upcoming year
  • Collecting and maintaining receipts
  • Maintaining database used to build financial reports for biannual meetings
  • Maintaining Econ AAC UNT financial account ensuring full-compliance with UNT's Ways To Give

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Project Coordinator: Sharla Baker

Assists with organizing and communicating details of upcoming AAC projects and Alumni Association related events and serves as an interface between the Department of Economics and the Alumni Advisory Council on matters related to financial expenditures, budgeting and scheduling.

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