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Thank you for being champions of positive change!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your incredible generosity and unwavering support. Your contributions have made a tangible impact on our mission, enabling us to continue our vital work and make a difference in the lives of economics alumni members and the broader UNT community we serve. Additionally, we are deeply appreciative of the those that gave and continue to give their time, expertise, and dedication, which has enriched the UNT economics program.

Together, these collective efforts have strengthened our community and propelled us forward. We look forward to the continued journey ahead, hand in hand with our compassionate and committed supporters.

UNT Economics Alumni Advisory Council

2024 Donors

Gabriel Abeyie

Crystal Alba

Tania Albarracin

Mehron Azarmehr

Selorm Blagogee

Chad Boger

Elahe Boskabadi

Michael Byrd

Erik Case

Paris Couturiaux

TJ Cox

Jo Ann Duman

Katie Escobedo

Mary Grubbs

Ashley Hanisko

Natalie Hinkley

Richard Johnson

John Kelsey

Jenny Moore

Zachary Mullins

Joshua Ness

Vicki Oppenheim

Bianca Porneala

Rumian Reza

Nathaniel Roseberry

Anna Ruth

Eva Schaffer

Julia Soto

Wilson Stamper

Cailin Swingle

Cathy Tamez

Erin Winkler

Ramzey Zbeida

2023 Donors

Erik S. Case

Debbie Cunningham

Jo Ann Duman

Rashel Hamilton

John Hooten

Hi-REZ Insights LLC

Richard D. Johnson

Zachary Mullins

Vicki A. Oppenheim

Edmund Parker, II

Bianca Porneala

Cailin Swingle

David L. Tunnel

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Meritum Scholars Scholarship Fund

The Economics Alumni Advisory Council Meritum Scholars Scholarship Fund will provide merit-based scholarships to students majoring in economics (or its successor). Alumni, friends, corporations and foundations are invited to make gifts to the university for this fund from which scholarships will be awarded.

Economics Alumni Advisory Council Excellence Fund was established by the Alumni Advisory Council (click here for information on the AAC). The purpose of the fund is to provide support to further the mission of the Department of Economics (or its successor), including but not limited to support for departmental research and excellence activities and Economics Alumni Advisory Council (or its successor) operations.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sharla Baker - Project Coordinator,