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Alumni Testimonials

*Note - Job titles and company are of alumni members at the time of testimonial and may not reflect the wonderful things they are currently doing. In other words, our economics alum are rising stars!

Abram Olivas
Research Economist

Department of Housing and Urban Development; Economic Market and Analysis Division (EMAD), Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R)

"I am excited to apply the knowledge and technical skills I learned in public, urban & regional, and intermediate macroeconomics, as well as the research skills picked up in the econometrics and research methods course. I also completed the Economic Geography certificate, which teaches skills in GIS and is incredibly useful. I highly recommend this to any economics majors."

Anna Katz
Pricing Analyst

Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits (SGWS)

"I'll be using what I learned in Intermediate Microtheory about pricing models to help them create better and more efficient models"

Ashley Hanisko
BA Consultant

Project Corps

"My time in UNT's Economics program has helped me introduce rigor into all core functions of the business. Driving social impact within the firm even when it is not immediately apparent how to do so is the type of environment I thrive most."

Harrison Crain

Regional Director

"I've been at Fidelity Investments since I left UNT and in my new role I'll be coaching managers to help their teams be as effective and client-focused as possible. I'll be using skills I learned in the Economics program to analyze relevant data and help leaders utilize that data to make strategic decisions".

Rebecca Zheng
Risk Assurance Intern

"I have always dreamed of becoming a problem solver in the business world, so I searched for opportunities to grow in skills and enrich my experience. The UNT Econ program had an inspiring and meticulous spirit of learning. It was in this program where I built a solid foundation to confidently move forward as I continue to pursue my professional career goals".

Wilson Daggett
Cost Analyst


"Calculating costs based on machine hours, manual labor and materials is a critical part of this role, and I feel like I have entered this job with solid foundational knowledge given what I learned from the economics program at UNT".

Debbie Cunningham

Director of Analytics
Sitewise Analytics

"The work I did in the UNT Econ Master's Program built a solid foundation of both economic theories combined with statistics, which has enabled me to build quality models and explain complex ideas in a simple, intuitive way even to non-technical audiences".

Langston Roberts
Real Estate Development Intern

Verdad Real Estate

"The economics program at UNT has given me not only the analytical skills needed to excel in this role, but also the confidence to reach new heights at an accelerated pace professionally".

Filipe Pimentel
Campaign Support Analyst


"I believe that the analytical thinking and problem-solving mindset that I developed while pursuing my degree in Economics at UNT, combined with other work experiences, were differential factors that allowed me to land this opportunity".

Andrew Cross

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

"Working at the HUD will involve me incorporating many of the ideas that I learned in Urban Economics along with many of the skills I learned from Dr. Tieslau in dealing with data as the Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis (CHMA) looks at current trends and provides forecasts on local economies, population growth, and other factors".

Dylan Devine
Lead Statistical Modeler


"The economics program at UNT provided me essential tools in learning how to build econometric models in a concise and logical manner to a diverse audience who may not have an econometric or statistical background. The UNT economics program is rigorous enough that you are forced to constantly think outside of the box and to come up with creative an innovative ways to solve problems, it is one of the reasons our company is constantly on the hunt for UNT economics graduates. I am extremely grateful for my top tier and rewarding education at UNT and was perfectly set up to step into the workforce upon graduating".

Gloria Echun
Strategic Analytics Analyst

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

"Majoring in economics helped me develop analytical skills, strengthen my experience working with datasets and perform analyses using various programming languages. This has helped lay a good foundation for my role at JP Morgan".

Leslie Suazo

"Applying concepts from UNT's Macroeconomics course has helped me solidify an aggregate level understanding of companies such as BEK."

Miles Shoaf
"What I learned in the masters program that will be applicable to the job will be building different models from raw data, such as linear regression and binary response. I'll be evaluating and testing models for accuracy and applying complex machine learning methods to apply in the business setting".

Eduardo Torres Villacorta
"I will leverage my learnings from the Econ program by applying quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to gather and interpret data, assess market trends, and make informed recommendations to enhance client experiences and mitigate risks. Additionally, my understanding of economic principles will help me navigate the complexities of international clients' investments, regulatory frameworks, and product governance rules, enabling me to provide valuable insights and support to both clients and the company."

Chawa Kamanga
"My background in economics helps me understand and explain how economic and financial trends are impacting the business. I use it to produce ad hoc reporting/analyses to better understand financial results".

Jessica Hofer

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis


"I manage a team of analysts that are responsible for performance reporting, cost management, financial modeling, and cross-functional collaboration with our business partners", said Jessica. "My main objective is becoming a trusted business partner within the organization and I utilize the fundamentals that I learned from my economic studies at UNT at work when providing analytical insights related to the performance of the business."

Avery Barthold

Tax Associate


"My time at UNT studying Economics is surely going to assist me in being a successful professional. This program helped me learn how to use technical programs, such as Excel, taught me how to analyze and understand data and overall set me down a path in which I strive to always maintain a knowledge-seeking mindset."

Selorm Blagogee

Economics Intern

"I am responsible for collecting, analyzing, and preparing economic data for projects, studies, and reports for management. My time in the Economics program at UNT with a concentration in Econometrics has been integral to being successful in this role. I am thankful to all the hardworking and amazing Professors and learnt so much about economics and life which I will cherish forever".

Julia Kupke

Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master

Randstad USA

"In my undergraduate Economics studies at UNT, I focused mainly on microeconomics courses. I loved the idea of optimizing business operations. One of the concepts that stood out to me was the production possibility frontier (PPF). According to this model, the only way to produce more using the same resource constraints is to improve technology. I turned my fascination with economics into a passion for helping companies do more and improve themselves through technology and better ways of working."

Ashly Hanovice

Senior Analyst in Global Corporate Insurance

Goldman Sachs

"I collaborate with teams worldwide, offering expertise in data management, analysis, and additional technical skills obtained during my time in UNT's Economics program. This role allows me to apply my economic insights to optimize risk assessment and financial modeling, ensuring that our corporate insurance decisions are well-informed and data-driven".