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Economics Student Organization (ESO)

Have you had an economics class and thought you might want to know more? Have you been reading about the economy but have a lot of questions about what's going on?

Well, the UNT Economics Student Organization (ESO) may be for you! You can meet other students who share your interest in economics through the UNT ESO.

The ESO is open to economics majors. We'd love to have you as a member of the ESO! It's easy! Attend one of our meetings!

If you want to get all notices of upcoming events, please contact Dr. Gelves at

Meetings are held on a monthly basis during each of the Fall and Spring semesters.

There's a lot going on, so please take a look at our facebook page for Economics club for our upcoming schedule. Facebook page

Faculty Advisor: Dr. J. Alejandro Gelves

The 2017-2018 Officers are:

President - Richard Webber (

Vice President - Troy Warren (

Director of Administration - James Lay (

Director of Finances - Anna Katz (

Director of Marketing - Abir Arabi (

The 2016-2017 Officers are:

George Carter - president

Ariana Fehr - vice president

Troy Warren - treasurer

Andrea Jackson - records officer

The 2015-2016 Officers are:

Jesse Dadres - president

Lindsay Jacques - vice president

Kaitlynn Howe - treasurer (fall semester)

Lee Scott - treasurer (spring semester)

Laura Sanders - records officer

C.J. Lee - information committee chair

Lindsay Jacques - marketing committee chair

The 2014-2015 Officers were:

President: C. J. Lee

Vice President: Kelsey Stewart

Treasurer: Babalola Banwo

Records Officer: Parker Barouche

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